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We know you have a choice in your balloon and floral product supplier and we are extremely grateful for the chance to serve you. The employees and owner of Hi-Rise Balloons & Floral Supplies are devoted to providing one-stop-shopping with the best quality products available along with the best service in the industry. We are committed to making your business more profitable with balloon and floral supply sales, and we thank you for your continual support.

Our shipping and production staff is committed to filling your orders correctly and completely. We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry and are one of the few distributors to offer same day shipping.

Floral Supplies – The team at Hi-Rise Balloons & Floral Supplies devoted a great amount of thought into selecting a line of floral supply products that is right for YOU. We strived to put together a selection of products that are good quality, low cost and have minimal case packs. We hope that not only do you find exactly what you need, but that you find it easy and convenient to order these items from the same Customer Representative that you place you balloon orders with!

Custom Balloon Printing - Hi-Rise Balloons & Floral Supplies offers printed balloons with the shortest turnaround time in the marketplace. Please contact us for all your Custom Printing needs.

Once again, we are proud to present products from the leading manufactures in the industry, which include Anagram, Qualatex, M&D, Betallic, Conwin Carbonic, Premium Balloon Accessories, Hi-Float, and the premium plush and gift manufacturers in the business. We are the only Distributor in the Southwest that buys direct from all leading manufactures. This translates into savings to you, our customer. We want to thank these factories for their continued support and their efforts in achieving quality and innovation in their products.



We are proud that Hi-Rise Balloons & Floral Supplies has the prestigious honor of having more CBA's (Certified Balloon Artist's) in one organization than any other. Our Hi-Rise associate’s complete 5 written exams and a 4 hour practical exam in which the team is judged on their 3 original designs each, eight five cluster spiral garlands, and panel questions on design and business principles.

The honorable Craig Senn, our pioneer instructor and judge, shares in our accomplishment. The certification is sponsored by the Qualatex Balloon Network. Call us if you are interested in becoming a balloon artist.


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Hi-Rise Balloons and Floral Supplies

Business Hours
Monday - Friday
8 AM - 4 PM Central Time

9101 Wall Street Suite 1080
Austin, TX 78754
(800) 252-8210
(512) 989-6044
Fax (800) 250-9880

Name Title Local Toll-Free
Jim Stotts Owner/President 512-628-2378 800-252-8210
Kevin Golliher Owner/President 512-628-2379 800-252-8210
Sheri Workman Director of Sales 512-233-5521 800-252-8210
Priscilla Rowe Sales & Service Support Administrator 512-233-5516 800-252-8210
Okley Cooper Sales & Service Supervisor 512-233-5518 800-252-8210
Anthony Caldwell Sales & Service 512-233-5514 800-252-8210
Andra Taylor Sales & Service 512-233-5512 800-252-8210
Eulalia Trejo Sales & Service 512-233-5528 800-252-8210
Corey Cox Sales & Service 512-628-2376 800-252-8210
Robin Potter Creative Director 512-233-5543 800-216-5771
Annemarie Gasser Marketing & Communications Manager 512-233-5533 800-216-5771
Cheri Nickel Purchasing Manager 512-233-5583  
Amanda Rivers Accounting  512-275-3320  
Rich Greene IT/Network Adimistrator 512-233-5575